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There comes a time in everyone's life when you must throw caution to the wind & burst beyond the normalcies of life; realize shampoo ads are targeting YOUR insecurities, compete with a robot for a job interview, or delicately try to break up with your therapist. We constantly run up against the line of demarcation and we want to say, Yes Trespassing. No, we do not condone committing crimes; we're a Sketch and Improv group and we are, yes, trespassing into comedy!

By attending our shows you'll be meeting a unique group of talented performers who will be giving you answers to questions they have no claim to expertise on. There is love, family, mystery, politics, and a chunk of the show we can't speak for because it will be determined by YOU! 

For upcoming shows, follow us on Facebook or Instagram! Let's agree to meet at the appointed time and then we'll cause some mischief, ok? OK!

 Cast & Crew: Present & Past 




Ariana (She/Her) is an improv performer who hails from Scarborough, and a former member of Yes Trespassing's original company. She is a professionally taught actor, training at Pro Actors Lab and Second City Toronto. She attended York University for Playwriting, and loves to write any chance she gets. Her special hobbies include modeling—most recently for the Drake Hotel.



Sara (She/Her) is very excited to be a part of the Lighthouse Troupe's improv company! After a few years of directing improv with the Vanier Improv Company she's more than ready to get back to performing. When not in rehearsal or performing, Sara is a production editor for an independent Canadian book publisher and a writer.



Ricardo (He/Him) is a graduate of The Second City improv program and has a passion for entertaining. After taking the role of, Allen in the Lighthouse Troupe's production "The Wedding" he jumped at the opportunity to work with them again in their improv comedy group. Ricardo hopes his experience on stage as part of the world renown SNL cast (Some New Laughs, not to be mistaken for Saturday Night Live), will translate to an evening of comedy gold for you.

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Ryan (He/Him) is a professional scriptwriter, improviser, & theatre creator, having graduated from York University with an Honours BA in Devised Theatre & from the Vanier Improv Company. With many years under his belt performing live improv & sketch comedy at Second City, Comedy Bar, & other venues across Toronto, Ryan is slowly assuming the prestigious title of Veteran Funny-Boy and hopes to one day be knighted as The Harbinger of Humor. Whether you think he's good at his job or not, one thing is for certain: This gaunt, lanky man is after your heart.




Nick (He/Him) was a member of the Vanier Improv Company at York University from 2010 to 2014 and has performed in various plays at Vanier College Productions during that time. Here they are in chronological order: Under The Gaslight, Festival!, The Castle Spectre.

Nicholas Sluyk Headshot.jpg


Nick (He/Him) is excited to be a member of the Yes Trespassing improv company within The Lighthouse Troupe. He is a graduate at York University with a BFA specializing in Devised Theatre. Nick is also an alumni of the Vanier Improv Company at York and has a range of stage credits including Russ/Dan in Clybourne Park, Various Roles in The Laramie Project (Vanier College Productions), and Lord Capulet in Romeo and Juliet (PRISM Theatre In The Park). Nick also has a passion for running long distances with his run group and really appreciates a colourful sunset.



Nicole (She/Her) has been involved with the Lighthouse Troupe since it's early beginnings and has been a long time improviser, Assistant Directing the Vanier Improv Company at York university for 2 years and being a cast member for 3. She has also been a long time actor, singer, dancer and musician staring in such productions as The Wedding (Lighthouse Troupe), Drowsy Chaperone (VCP) and Pirates of Penzance (The Grand Theatre) to name a few. Outside of rehearsal Nicole is a certified Interior Designer and a long time supporter of Netflix and high levels of caffeine. Let's get silly.



This is Dan (He/Him). Some people think he's funny, others think he's crude and unstable. Both are true, and he's using these gifts to be an improvisationalist. He's done it for a while, much to the chagrin of his parents who are waiting for grandchildren, and hopes to continue until they stop expecting or die from old age. He is an alumnus of the Vanier Improv Company, and once met Keifer Sutherland. He hopes to become an ESL teacher one day, and live a lavish life as a stay at home dad with 2 children, a cat & dog, and alimony.



Jimmy (He/Him) is a graduate of the Schulich School of Business. He was a part of Soulpepper Theatre's 2014 City Youth Academy and his plays Snape Kills Dumbledore! and Shakespeare's Survivors were featured in the 2016 and 2017 Paprika Festivals. At York U, Jimmy was a member of the Vanier Improv Company. His favourite thing that he has ever written is an essay exploring the influence of Ayn Rand on contemporary superhero movies.



Bryan (He/Him) is a queer screenwriter, urban geographer and unqualified farmer. He has been performing improv since 2011, first with the Canadian Improv Games and most recently with the Vanier Improv Company at York University. Bryan is a master’s student in Human Geography at York University where he passionately researches ice cream geographies. He is supremely happy to be apart of Yes Trespassing!


Stephen    Purdy

Steve (He/Him) is the Director of The Lighthouse Troupe's Improv and Sketch group Yes Trespassing and he also played the role of Kent in The 6th Degree. Stephen studied history at York University, while being involved with Vanier College Productions. Through this he performed in the Vanier Improv Company and directed it for 2 years. His previous performances include The Chairman in The Mystery of Edwin Drood and Underling in The Drowsy Chaperone.



Beth (She/Her) is the Stage Manager for Yes Trespassing. She graduated from York University with a BFA in Theatre Performance Creation and Research with a focus in Playwriting and Devised Theatre. Her most recent stage management credits include: Yiya y Ligia as part of the PlayGround 2018 Festival, Vanier Improv Company 2016/2017 at Vanier College Productions, and Buried Child at Vanier College Productions as well.  Beth is excited to continue her role as stage manager for Yes Trespassing Improv Troupe and for The Lighthouse Troupe.  Finally, Beth would like to thank her friends and family for their ongoing support in all that she does.



Leah (She/Her) is the Director of Marketing & Development for Yes Trespassing. She received her BFA in Film Production from York University after four years of pretending to be a theatre major with Vanier College Productions. A do-er of all things, she has worked extensively in both film and theatre, specializing in directing, management, and marketing design. Select film credits include Behind Closed Doors, Headaches, Dal Segno Al Coda (director); For Ruthie, Out of Water (cinematographer); Mother's Day, Scratch (production manager); Kristal Clear (2nd unit production manager).

Performances & Media Content

Strange Holiday Family Circle

Strange Holiday Family Circle

Hygge Time!

Hygge Time!

Holiday Cuddles

Holiday Cuddles

Comfy Circle O' Pals

Comfy Circle O' Pals

Blanket Burrito Amongst Friends

Blanket Burrito Amongst Friends

Shocking Snuggle Times

Shocking Snuggle Times

Circle of Confusion

Circle of Confusion

Jimmy's Upset About Dan's Licking Addiction

Jimmy's Upset About Dan's Licking Addiction

Excited to Cuddle!

Excited to Cuddle!


Beth Does Everything
Steve Drinks Everything
The Golden Toilet
This Is What Practice Looks Like
Pre-Show Jitters
Palm Bryan
Rejoice in Spring!
Cower in Spring!
Umbrella Nicole
Floral Jimmy
Disgust in Spring!
Vape Dan
Perch for Spring!

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But what happens onstage & off
is just between you & me...

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